Soal Ujian Akhir Semester I Bahasa Inggris Kelas (IX) 9 SMP

Revisi : - Soal Ujian Akhir Semester I Bahasa Inggris Kelas (IX) 9 SMP . Pada postingan kali ini saya akan berbagi tentang contoh soal Ujian Akhir Semester I (UAS) Bahasa Inggris Kelas 9 SMP. Sebagaimana kita ketahui bahwa, Ujian Akhir Semester I adalah salah satu bagian dari evaluasi yang merupakan suatu proses yang mencakup pengukuran yang mana siswa/i telah mengikuti beberapa konsep, pokok bahasan pelajaran di semester itu. Bagi guru, ujian ini berfungsi untuk memantau penguasaan siswa terhadap konsep atau pokok bahasan yang sudah dipelajari siswa. Soal-soal tersebut bisa di download beserta kunci jawabannya pada kolom paling bawah. Semoga beberapa soal berikut dapat menjadi referensi bagi kita untuk meningkatkan kemampuan bahasa Inggris siswa/i kelas IX SMP.

A. Choose a, b, c or d for the correct answer.
1. Choose the correct expressions to the suitable responses.
Emeli: Did you know? Nina has a new dress.
Sara: Wow _____________________________
A. I’m sorry to hear that.
B. How are you?
C. Yes, she is.
D. How interesting.

2. The underlined sentence is used to express ...
Jane: If I do not have certificate showing ownership of property for the guarantee, will the bank lend me some money?
Jack: I can't stay that for sure.
A. Asking for certainty
B. Uncertainty
C. Disagreement
D. Suggestion

3. The underlined is showing ...
Anton: Hello, can I speak with Jame?
Jame's Mother: Sorry, I didn't catch you said. Can you repeat again, please?
A. Certainty
B. Agreement
C. Repetition
D. Hesitation

The text below is for questions number 4 to 6.
Approaching the summer holiday 2024, Bintang Prestasi secondary school is organizing "Youth Summer Camp"

We invite all student to this program.

When: 3-10 July 2024
Place: Bumi Perkemahaan Cibubur
Programs: Outdoor games, sports, camping

Should you interested in joining this program, please register yourself to Mr. Surya Priatna
* you should present your parents' consent when register


4. What is the announcement about?
A. School's invitation
B. School's registration
C. Summer holiday
D. Summer camp

5. What should students do if they want to join the program?
A. Confirm the invitation
B. Ask parents' permission
C. Go to Bumi Perkemahan Cibubur
D. Practice some sports

6. We know from the announcement that the program ... for one week.
A. Survives
B. Lasts
C. Changes
D. Starts

The text below is for questions number 7 to 10.
Last year I joined the Chicago Marathon, my first marathon contest. I had to run 26,2 miles to complete it. It was hard.

At first, I just wanted to get the experience of joining a marathon. I thought it would be one life time experience. After finishing it, I changed my mind. I wanted to join another one. I was interested to complete at least one more marathon and improve my time. I also experienced a good feeling between participants and the spectators that made me happy. It was a very wonderful thing for me. So I decided that I had to join another marathon the following year.
7. What is the text about?
A. The writer's activities of watching Chicago marathon contest.
B. The writer's wonderful feeling after watching marathon.
C. The writer's good achievement in marathon.
D. The changing of the writer's feeling after joining the marathon.

8. To improve his achievement, the writer ...
A. Asked for advice how to run well.
B. Practised hard with other participants.
C. Planned to join another marathon.
D. Ran faster and faster.

9. What was the writer's intention when he decided to join his first marathon?
A. He would get the winner.
B. He just wanted to get an experience.
C. He planned to join another marathon.
D. He wanted to complete 26,2 miles run.

10. "..., I change my mind." (Paragraph 2) The underlined word is closest in meaning to ...
A. Decision
B. Ambition
C. Thought
D. Suggestion

The text below is for questions number 11 to 14.
The Indonesian Archipelago

Indonesia is a country in Southeast Asia that consists of more than 13,000 islands. The islands lie along the equator and extend more than 5,000 kilometers. Many of the islands cover only a few square kilometers. But about a half of New Guinea and three quarters of Borneo also belong to Indonesia. Both islands are the second and third largest islands in the world, after Greenland.

Many geographers divide the more than 13,600 islands of Indonesia into three groups: (1) the Greater Sunda Islands, (2) the lesser Sunda Islands, and (3) the Mollucas. Indonesia also includes Irian Jaya, which is part of New Guinea.

The Greater Sunda includes Borneo, Sulawesi, Java and Sumatera. The Lesser Sunda Islands extend from Bali eastward to the Timor. The Mollucas lie between Sulawesi and New Guinea. The western part of New Guinea is called Irian Jaya, an Indonesian territory. Compared to the other regions, Irian Jaya is the most thinly populated.

11. Where is Indonesia located ...
A. In Southwest Asia.
B. Along the equator.
C. Near Mollucas.
D. In the Greenland.

12. Paragraph two talks about ...
A. The three divisions of Indonesia's islands.
B. The greater Sunda islands.
C. The Indonesian geographers.
D. The position of Indonesia.

13. Which of the followings belongs to the first largest island in the world ...
A. Borneo
B. Irian Jaya
C. New Guinea
D. Greenland

14. Which of the following statements is NOT TRUE according to the text ...
A. Most of Indonesian population live in Irian Jaya.
B. Indonesia has more than 13,000 islands.
C. Borneo is the third biggest island in the world.
D. The Mollucas is between Sulawesi and New Guinea.

15. What does it mean?
A. You are prohibited to bring your luggage into the aircraft.
B. You have to leave your luggage in the checking-in counter.
C. You are allowed to ask the porter to bring your luggage.
D. You must watch your luggage all the time so nobody will steal it.

The text below is for questions number 16 to 20.
Once upon a time, there were a king and his queen who lived in the Kingdom of Belinyu. They didn’t have any child. Until one night, the queen had a dream of a turtle. It said that the queen would have a baby, and she had to give a Komala necklace to her baby. The queen woke up and she was holding a Komala necklace in her hand. She told her dream to the king, and he was very happy.

Shortly, the queen’s dream became reality. She delivered a beautiful baby girl. The king named her, Komala. She grew up as a pretty girl. However, she had a bad attitude because her parents always spoiled her too much.

One day, Komala heard her parents were talking about the turtle in her mother’s dream. She thought that the turtle was very interesting animal, so she wanted it as her pet. She insisted to find it, and the king allowed her to look for the animal.

Accompanied with the king’s guards, Komala searched the turtle, and finally, she found it in a beach. She shouted to it, “Penyu busuk, wait for me,” in several times, but the turtle kept swimming. Komala ran after it into the sea, she tried to catch it. Until then she finally drowned and disappeared, and all of her guards could not save her. Now, people call the beach, Penyusuk.
16. What does the story tell us?
A. A bad attitude girl
B. A kingdom in Belinyu
C. The legend of Penyu Busuk
D. The legend of Penyusuk Beach

17. What is the main idea of the last paragraph?
A. The king permitted Komala to find the turtle.
B. The celebration of Komala’s birthday.
C. Komala drowned into the sea.
D. The turtle disappeared.

18. Komala had a bad attitude because …
A. She was a princess
B. Her father was a king
C. She was a beautiful girl
D. Her parents spoiled her very much

19. “Until then she finally drowned . . . “ (last paragraph). The synonym of the word “drowned” is …
A. Disappeared
B. Floated
C. Swam
D. Sank

20. The moral value of the story is ...
A. Everything we want we can get
B. Not all that we want can we get
C. Do not play on the beach
D. Do not fight against your parents

B. Rearrange the jumble words into a good sentence.
  1. class/in/You/strongest/the/student/are/our
  2. school/friends/I/morning/every/to/go/with/my
  3. bringing/map/present/is/at/Mr./Mulyono/a/not
  4. and/is/are/the/guitar/The/boys/the/girl/playing/singing
  5. gift/free/a/Dad/offered/firm/by/the/was


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